Saturday, 3 September 2011

Just a reminder about the Once Upon A.... Sketch Sept 1 challenge!!

First day of September and for us here in Australia it is the very first day of spring. The weather in Sydney has been amazingly beautiful and just perfect for scrapping. 
Hi everyone and welcome to the September 1st challenge. 

Welcome to our brand new followers! 
We are very excited that you are here and we hope you join in the fun. 
Thank you SO much to everyone that played along with the last challenge!!

So here is our September 1st challenge...

Journalling Criteria : A memorable year - Your title must be a year, and you must journal at least 2 
lines on why this year is memorable for you. 
Examples: the year you got married, the year you graduated, the year you moved to a new house/country, the year you started a new job, the year your child was born, the year you lost someone dear. 
Your journalling can be in any language and any format (written, typed etc)

You must combine our journalling criteria with the following sketch...

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