Monday, 28 November 2011

Finally the storm is over!!

Yesterday was supposed to be a cosy day in our local town, with all the shops opening on the Sunday afternoon to start the Christmas season/shopping. The kids were looking forward to seeing Father Christmas arriving  in his sled pulled by a horse.
It is a big shame that a huge storm approached and hardly anybody could go outside. I feel sorry for the local shopowners who had a lot invested in this.
A lot of roads were cut off and the buses and trains were immobilized. We also had powercuts. 
In the aftermaths I am having internet problems, I'll have to check with the experts tomorrow, but for now I have borrowed a laptop.

We were quite lucky in our household that nothing much happened to our house etc.

Our trampoline has seen better days though,...

And if you look in the background of this photo you can see a huge fallen tree. 
It is the same one in the photo below.  

We have had two other large storms in the last ten years  and have had one tree like this one fall down in our garden. We have been very sad  to loose the trees, but extatic that they did not fall on our house....

And as I ran out the door to work this morning I discovered these little guys in my garden!...
I callede the owner and by the time I got home he had taken care of it and they were bak in their field.  

I hope I shall be able to post a lo tomorrow. 
It all depends on my computer cooperating!

Take care and goodbye for now!


  1. Wowwwwwwww... that is too bad about that storm... I hope everyone is okay and hopefully they can reschedule Father Christmas coming in! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. WOW what a storm !
    I loved how you found some sheep in your back yard ....too funny!!

  3. My goodnes that was some storm! even up here we could feel the roof and window panes rattling. Poor little chaps having to be outdoors in that awful weather, hope they didn't do too much damage to your flower beds. Some yummie bulbs in there! Har inte ens hunnit få upp vare sig adventsstjärnorna eller ljusstakarna, siktar in mig på morgondagen. Kramis

  4. Oh dear Bente I am so sorry to read this! Gosh this is the last thing you need!! The world is full of calamity these days isn't it. Hope things are cleared up now!!


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