Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Come and pick up your special discount code at Stop and Scrap!!

Today I have some good news for the shoppers among us! 

There is a new promotion going on over at Stop and Scrap!
I was so pleased that the nice people over at my favourite scrapstore invited me to take part!

They have been making alot of changes over there lately.
They have always had the best prices in the business,but due to a huge workload (they were only a team of two people) thay have sometimes taken a little longer than others to deliver. This is now a thing of the past. I ordered just over a week ago and today I tracked my parcel to the local post office, that is pretty impressing I would say!

Stop and Scrap are expanding at the moment and have taken additional partners to be able to keep up this new exceptional service. 

They are determined to make 2012 the best year yet!
They are committed to commit to the best pricing and shipping speed possible.

For you to be able to experience first hand their service they want to give the readers of this blog a 

general discount of 12% off everything in the store! 

I would say theat is great news considering the prices are low to begin with!

They have a large Pre-order section where they will offer the very newest collections long before they reach the shelves in the local stores. Especially for us living in other countries!
(Of course that means that these cannot ship before they have come from the manufacturers.)

Today is the Grand Opening of the Prima Marketing Pre-order sales.

Why not pay a visit to STOP AND SCRAP to see all the collections they have for pre-order and also check out what is left in their large clearance and sales sections.

When you have filled your cart make sure to use the code PAPERGLUE so you get your 12% discount !!

This code you are welcome to use for the whole first month. I have not got exact dates, but will definitely let you know when things change.

I already went to the store and have stacked up on ALL the new Prima collections 
and a lot of the gorgeous news from My Minds Eye,too. I went early so I would not miss anything. 
The Prima stuff always sells out fast!!

I hope you enjoyed my news.
See you again soon!


  1. Shopstop her:D

    God onsdag til deg Bente!


  2. Wow Bente! Thanks for sharing this! I have just moved to KL and things are finally ok now :) Thanks for your visit, I will be online more often :) have a good day ya!! =)

  3. Thanks for the heads up! Larry told me that unfortunately I couldn't combine both my special prize and this discount. Have now used your prize and placed an order, yay! thanks again sweetie! xoxox


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