Friday, 27 April 2012

A very simple page for the rainbow challenge and how i made it.

In my previous post I told you the good news that I had been invited to join the team at 'My Scrapbook Nook'. In the ten or so days from the finalists list was published, a series of chats and challenges etc were taking place in the forum at the Nook (so they would get to know the candidates better before making the final decision.)

One of the other applicants Sarah/Pinkalishious posted a fun picture for us to be inspired by.

This is the very uncharacteristic page that I came up with,
(and I am not sure that I like it much ,!)

 And this is the fun photo that made me go crazy and put colour all over my page...

As you can see my page is definitely a more low-tech version of this,!
But I will,however, share with  you the very simple steps leading up to the finished page.

 At first I cut strips from a striped paper by October Afternoon. 
I wet the strips and rolled them them up into little balls.  
Then I waited until almost dry.

 I wanted to create the shape of a rainbow.
While still damp I arranged my strips to my liking.
(As the strips are damp they can be formed more easily.)
I actually used a large plate to get the right shape.

I found a lid in the kitchen to use as a template for a circular mat on my page.
My first plan was to use a pp with old garden equipment to emphasize the low-tech nature of my take.
 But I then I saw that the yellow circle would cover up the fun part and decided on a more discreet pp.
I distressed the paper and passed it through my sewing machine :-)

 I now have most of the outlay of my page ready.

 I use an ordinary stapler to secure all the bits to the base.
I wanted to change the look of my 'rainbow' a little so I actually  cut some more strips and added to each side of it to make it longer.You don't see that here.

  A layout of mine 'needs' flowers and/or buttons so I added a couple , -but small ones.
I also added a horisontal band underneath the circular paper (for balance and some added interest).

  Here is another look at the finished page.
I like to use black/white photos with these kind of bright colours.

The journalling says:

"Spring is finally here.You and grandma love to cultivate things in the garden.
You like to plant and sow seeds in your old sandbox.
And over by the playhouse you have planted 'Lily of the Valley'."

Thanks for dropping by today!!


  1. Great different layout, love the colours!

  2. wowwwwwwwwwww!!! this is amazing!!! i just loveeeeeeeeeee the photos and that gorgeous rainbow!!!!!

  3. Kjempeflott LO i herlige farger.
    klem :)

  4. Wow, such a bright and fun page Bente!! Fab work!

  5. Somehow this is untypical of you but at the same time very much you! vibrant and bold for sure, but really so fun! thanks for the tut too! Ha en riktigt bra valborg, gubben min ska bjuda mig på middag ute på stan. Kramkram

  6. WOW Bente, love these bright colours and I love the rainbow you've made this is great.

  7. Congratulations!!! That's fantastic!!! I love your page sooo much! You have done such a great job here! LOVE the rainbow!!!

  8. This came out cute! Looks different from your regular style...what a neat inspiration to have to use!

  9. I love your rainbow...well done!

  10. Love your blog!
    Your LO are fantastic! Great details and photos))))

  11. amazing! it's really innovative, so fun and bright!! love it!!

  12. Wow that is pretty awesome, what a great interpretation of the ad!! Niice!


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