Monday, 9 July 2012

Hi,..remember me...?

HI I have missed all of you my blog friends!
I am away on vacations in the South of France and do not have internet access  in the small provencal house where we stay. Some of you may remember from last Summer that I had quite a few ice creams at McDonalds then to be able to log on to their free internet...!
This is the little street with the entrance to our small house. We are placed very central in the small village and very near to the old church.

Our house is number 4 and has a basement and three small storeys. The top floor which houses the bedroom and one bathroom has a small terass built out over the roofs.

Our neighbours.

Due to unforeseen events my husband had to stay in Sweden at least for the time being so I was quite
nervous last Wednesday when I loaded my three girls into the car after leaving the cat at the 'cat hotel' and entered the address for our French house into the GPS. Having gone there for 13 or 14 (?) years I know the roads well  but not first hand so to speak. Usually my DH will drive most of the way and I will do shorter bits in between. The first half is on roads through all of Germany with free speed which can be quite nervracking and in France we are particularily cautious when we get near to the  heavy traffic on the  busy carriageways around/through Lyon. We had planned to drive the nearly 2000 kilometres in two or three days depending on our progress. We arrived in Cabasse late the second night after a sleepover at a familiar motel in the Kassel mountains.
It is good to be here!!

This is the town square where the tiny market is held on Tuesday mornings.

The entrance to our street.

We arrived on Thursday just over a week ago. 
The next day we went in to Brignoles to stock up on food etc at Leclerc. We also managed to look around the other shops a while. The day after was Saturday ,and we had all been invited to a very sweet French scrapbooker friend and her family in their lovely home. The girls swam in the pool with her children while we grownups chatted about this and that. 
We had alovely French meal and stayed there far too long.... :-)

Then on Sunday we picked up two friends of our two youngest  DDs who were flying down from Sweden to spend some days with us. We have done so many things since they arrived and 
I have actually  about had it with spending so much time in the car....It feels almost like home...LOL.
Yesterday I took one of them to the airport and tomorrow the other girl is flying back. It is nice to be able to share this beautiful place with some people from back home:-)

I have a lot to share about the many things you can do and experience here in Provence/French Riviera, but I think for now I will share some more photos of our small village so I dont stay too long here in McDonalds,!

This is our favourite bar, Bar Dotto named after the famous Frenc cyklist Jean Dotto who took part in Tour de France 13 times.

The main 'place' where we usually manage to park, but it is never easy.....

The local grocery store.

So many scenes to be photographed, but I feel my photos cannoot convey the atmosphere here.

Beatrice is in the bakery saying 'Un baguette s'il vous plait'.

I always drive as fast as I can here to avoid meeting another car and be forced to go a long  way in reverse gear! Many of the streets here are soso narrow. This is actually not the worst one at all!

The cross-roads where roads lead in all directions. ...All equally narrow and winding!

The many tiny doors are a testimony to the age of the buildings in Cabasse.

Beatrice saved this butterfly that was stranded in the middle of the cement road. She kindly placed it on a large flower.

These stairs will take you back up to the square with the fountain.

Everywhere you'll see these old paths and roads that are far too narrow for cars but great for strolling around taking photos. I hope ypou have enjoyed looking at pics of 'our' little village in Provence.
I now really need to get back out into the sunshine after spending all this time with my laptop!!



  1. Wow - looks like my dream vacation

  2. looks beautiful - WTG on doing all the driving - glad you had a good time

  3. Welcome back my friend!!! What precious photos!!!! I love them all!!! We´re leaving on Wednesday for a winter vacations to Buenos Aires.

  4. Looks like beautiful place, I`m coming for coffee!:)

  5. ah la provence! j'aime!!! beautiful place!

  6. I enjoyed this so much. I don't know if I would ever get there so it is so nice to see this thru your eyes. Oh I think you are right McDonald's and Internet would make for lots of sitting and eating! So glad you could post though. You are braver than me to drive the narrow streets although you do what you have to. Enjoy!!!

  7. It's so beautiful that I feel incredible guilt that you had to go to a McDonald's ;) So worth it, thank you so much... Press on, but slow down.
    Enjoy and get plenty of rest as well as inspiration and plenty more photos...

  8. So glad you are having a lovely vacation!! These photos are amazing!! ~ Blessings

  9. You actually drove soooo much, parked in those tricky places and reversed down the narrow lanes? You are my hero, Bente! Love,Love,Love those photographs. Waiting to see them on your pretty pages :)

  10. What an amazing trip! Wow!

  11. Your vacation looks fabulous! LOVING the photos!!!

  12. I'm in awe! What a gorgeous place. I want to go right now!!! It cracks me up that there is a Mc Donalds there. I can't imagine it fitting in. You'll have to take a photo of that. Please post more soon. ;)

  13. Oj oj oj vilka foton!! känns som att jag nästan är där med er. Vilken osis att gubben måste stanna kvar hemma, snyggt jobbat att köra heeeela den långa vägen dit ner! Håller mig borta från datorn flera dagar i sträck, försöker bara ta hastiga gluttar på Fejan. Sköt om er och njut! puss puss puss

  14. Love to see the photos and to read your journaling! It's so familiair! Just like where I am! I'll try and post some pics too in a few days. Good of you to drive on your own! I did so once because my hubby was ill, but he was sitting next to me so that was different. Hugs!!!

  15. Wow, what an amazing place to be staying! Lucky you, so envious! Enjoy the rest of your time there! :)

  16. Beautiful pictures, I love those coloured shutters, Oh how lucky to have the opportunity to stay there. Thanks for sharing so many beautiful photos.


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