Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sizzix Sunday in the Christmas spirit :-)

Today I have a new post up on the Sizzix UK blog sharing some festive cards. 

I don't think I have ever started my Christmas cards quite this early before, but then also I am the one usually doing them last minute :-)

I used some gorgeous new dies from designer at Sizzix UK Debi Potter and I am sure you will love them,too!
Below is a little taste of what you can see over at the Sizzix UK blog:

HERE you can see the rest of my projects

Thanks for looking and for any comments :-)


  1. Looks super Bente! I had to laugh...I also posted 2 Christmas cards yesterday and I thought I was late in starting, acoording to everyone else....BUT for me...the earliest ever!!!! He he we are both on the same page here! ;-)

  2. Oh my word...when I see Christmas cards I feel so guilty....I never seem to manage to get to making any.

  3. This looks beautiful, Bente! Love the blue and red. I've made a fair number of Christmas cards already, all for design team assignments. LOL!

  4. Oh dear... Christmas cards :P I am SOOOOOOO far behind on christmas cards again this year. Each year I say I am going to get on top of it and every year is a scramble at the end of the year. I love these NON christmassy colours.x


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