Sunday, 2 January 2011


After the extensive initial preparations were done, we had a lovely relaxing Christmas/ New Year.
But still very eventful.
People were popping in and out of the house at irregular intervals and we had quite a few sleepovers.
I was not very good at taking photos on Christmas Eve but got some nice shots from when we opened the presents. I'm hoping Alexandra's got some more good ones on her camera. She also recently bought a fab new Nikon DSL so now the two of us are both trying to get the right shot!

The first one is of Beatrice in front of the tree. She looked so cute as a mini santa.

Then there is Alexandra with Lady. The kitten donned a ribbon just for the special occation, but she really would have prefered to play with it.

Victoria did not get so many presents this year as we are paying a huge amount for her musical classes this term.  She chose to receive money instead. That's the way she wanted it. And she is very happy with her decision.

The sweetest Christmas-girls around,...according to me...their mother..LOL!

Finally we get to meet the Super Buzz Lightyear of the evening. It's Rex the girls' cousin who shall soon be five. He loves everythig Batman ,Spiderman etc.He was quite happy to get matching 'uniforms'  for himself and his teddy.

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