Sunday, 2 January 2011

Some photos from New Years Eve.

Traditionally we are three families who celebrate New Year together.Gradually as our children get older they do not all take part, but some years they do. we had one family as house-guests and the other family lives quite nearby.
This year we also got to celebrate with a bunch of great youngsters. Alexandra wanted to invite some of her closest friends over. Good job we have quite a lot of space. Theuy could all sleep in different ends of the house and so they did not disturb eachother

One of the children took this photo. not a very flattering one taken from below. But we all look happy at least!

Always nice to celebrate with good friends!

I think we all had a pretty good time!!

Bea and Vicky outside feeling alittle cold!!

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Bea and Ludwig were excited to watch all the fireworks.

Dan is working hard with his big cigar and the champagne-bottle...LOL!


That's all for now folks. Take care!


  1. hi Bente happy new year and thanks for visiting my blog i have put my snifferdog with your followers your work.


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