Monday, 31 October 2011

Not much to say, I am on a trip to the capital! Just braggin' a little....


When you read this I am on the train on  my way to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.
I am going with my youngest DD to see an exhibition at the Technical Museum where they have a lot of original displays from NASA. To be honest she is not the only one feeling a bit excited!
We are away for three days and  are bringing comfy shoes and are planning for extremely busy days. She loves museums at the moment and at her age they learn so much from actually seeing things in real life.

In real life we are also planning to meet with the lovely Eila who is such a sweet friend. I know we shares a love for coffee as well as scrapbooking. We met once already at the workshop of Ingvild Bolme,(which I realize I still did not blog about,...goodness me...) I am so looking forward to it all!

I don't have any scrappy shares today, but do you remember that I wrote in a previous post that my lo "She Loves the Sea" was in the top three at Two Peas the other day?.

Now I am so chuffed because three mornings of three possible I have woken up to the same sight.
I hope you don't mind me boasting a little ....


  1. -du har all grunn til å være stolt!! all verdens grunn til det skal du vite....æres den som æres bør!
    ha en finfin dag i dag du da...ut fra hva jeg leste ser det ut til at du igrunn skal det også..hihi

  2. How exciting! What an honor! And CONGRATS on the 2peas shout out! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Wow, wish you great days, and say hello to Eila! I was at Ingvild Bolme work shop just some weeks ago, guess we did the same layouts! (I can not show mine since a friend who will not be published is on. )
    As you know not my style at all, but I loved doing it and had to get those fab tools!!!

  4. Congratualtions, Bente! What a wonderful send-off for your trip to Stockholm - enjoy!

  5. Happy holiday! AWESOME that you are featured! So happy for you! BOAST all you like

  6. WOOT WOOT! of course you just go ahead and boast all day long, you so totally deserve being in the lime light!! this is just so awesome and I'm all puffed up with pride for you!! Så himla tokroligt Bente, händer en gång på 100 när månen är gjord av ost ha ha! ser du hur jag hoppar upp och ner?? puss puss


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