Friday, 27 May 2011

New "Basic Grey" "Hello Luscious" For YSS and CCG 194

I don't get the concept of time, really!
It just keeps going faster and faster when all the time you want it to slow down...Is it the same for you..?

I am being kept quite, quite busy with my design teams and guest designing lately. I love that, I only wish I could have time to enjoy it a little more. I am so happy that so many good things have happened to me the last six months scrapwise, and I am also happy for you  my dear blog readers,..-but now I am just rambling on and I probably dont make any sense, so I'll stop and get on with what I wanted to share today!

In the middle of the night (my time) the new combo at Colour Combos Galore was revealed.
As always I got started on the very last day. And as always I managed to finish it. :-D
This is my take on the colour combination.

And this is the Inspiration board.
These are pretty vibrant colours , but maybe some would see the combo as a little chalenging.
The colours look beautiful together though.
For me the colours feel quite familiar, I did a lot of layouts with Echo Park "For the Record" and these colours can all be found in that collection, among others.

There always have to be flowers, ...and buttons...
As you can see my glue has not even had time to dry properly  ( lol! ) , there's a white dot on the black button.
Actually there was supposed to be numbers too...But being in my usual hurry I missed that and no numbers ended up on my layout this time. I am a bit unhappy about that bcause I think numbers look cool and I rarely think of using them. -Obviously not this time either..LOL! Sorry.

I used my DT kit from Your Scrapbook Stash. This month I got the sweet saturated colours of "Basic Grey".
They call the new collection "Hello Luscious"
The ball fringe in the happy yellow colour is also from YSS. But then you can find almost anything in that store , least when it comes to! The letter stickers are "Jillibean Soup" , "Strawberry Soup" collection. I even got papers from that collection, and the patterns are printed on Kraft paper with soy based inks (which is good for the environment actually).

I love the colour of these pretty flowers. They are like gardenias and I bought these and a some other colours in bulk somewhere so they do not have a particular brand name that I can tell you.

The white flower is Prima's Alabaster. These are good because you can paint or mist them any colour you like.This time I kept them as is.

I really like the look of old bookpages on my layouts. Here I used part of a page and tucked it underneath my mat. The corrugated cardboard was painted and inked around to make it stand out more.

I love the layered look you get by just tucking your embellishments partially into the layers.
If you count the layers I think in some places there are as many as thirteen.

Below you can see some of the distressing (this time I used water), inking and painting close up.
I had a new ide for using buttons.I think sometimes it is hard to get the twine to be pointed enough at the ends to make it go through a hole in the button.I was lucky this time and decided to thread both buttons while my luck lasted. Looking at the two buttons connected I thought it looked kind of sweet, so I decided to keep the buttons tied together like that.

Beatrice is so cute  in this photo. She's got the sun in her eyes and her hat pulled well down over her ears. We were doing some late Autumn gardening and sometimes it is okay to help.

This is my last close up. Hope you are still with me peeps!

Thanks for taking a look.
Why don't you have a go at this colourful combination??


  1. a colourful mix ! This is awesome !!!

  2. You are on 4 DTs! When do you get to sleep? I must say that you still make awesome LOs with all these commitments. Way to go, Bente. Wish I were that prolific!
    Hugs from India

  3. Absolutely Gorgeous! I love all your layered, distressed paper, the book page, the leaves and those stunning trims..especially the crochet lace type one...all so beautiful.

    P.S. I agree on the time thing! I certainly don't have enough hours in the day at the moment..managing a large project and working till very late every night. seriously affecting my scrapping!

  4. Det här blir marigt fru Fagerberg, tycker att veckans palett är rent ut sagt hisklig även om jag vet och ser att den är spot on med For The Record. Helt fantastiskt hur du trollar ihop en sida oavsett färger eller timmar på dygnet LOL! Med tanke på att guuben å jag ställer kosan mot London på måndag morgon gäller det bara att få ihop till nästa inskick på det andra stället, så dj-a mycket att göra innan dess. Huvva! Tack gulledej för besök och snälla ord vännen! Har tänkt försöka leka med på OUAS igen. Jajamensan, den här frun älskar sina sjalar he he. Sarons lijor pinglan! xoxoxo

  5. wiw up close it is even more prettier, all those layers and texture, fabulous piece!

  6. Time, never can have enough of the precious commodity, wish I could catch it and sell it LOL! This is lovely, the colours are fab together, love the trims under the pic and those little buttons too cute, so you forgot numbers who cares, still looks awesome, take care x.

  7. Awesome layout with so much texture...I love it!

  8. This is all too beautiful Bente! Like you I only ever get to my DT assignments a few days beforehand & I've learnt to just go with the flow, not to panic & to just enjoy the process & the adrenaline rush - we get it done - I've never missed a deadline & always give 100% & can see that you do too!!

  9. you are right...the colors are just like For The Records. Your layouts has so much to see. nice take dear! Take it easy k, i know how busy we can be when we have so many to scraps. But just remember to have fun!


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