Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Nook tribute from the Nook-blog.

September is Nook tribute month at 'My Scerapbook Nook'.
Many people have developed a special relationship to the friendly 'Nook' and everybdy has been invited to write up a short piece about what the  place has meant to them. As for me, I have only been there a short while but have come to appreciate the friendship and support that the nookers share and also the great atmosphere there.

This is what I had to say:
"Although I am a fairly new addition to the design team here at the ’Nook’ I have come to love the friendly atmosphere and the warm reception of the forum/message board. All of you lovely members make this such a special place and I am sure going to miss it when it’s gone.
They say that all good things has to come to an end,…and this is definitely one of those good things. I have come to understand that to many people this is their ‘home’ on the internet and I shall be sad to see so many people being ‘homeless’.
I know we are trying to find new places to keep in touch and to chat, but I guess it will take some time until we ‘feel at home’ in a new place.
It is difficult to find something to replace what we have here!

I am just so grateful to Leah and Pam for having had confidence in me and I have utterly enjoyed my journey here at 'My Scrapbook Nook’ even if it was shorter than planned. I understand that there is a time for everything and that you ladies have decided to embrace new challenges. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I will share a few projects I made whilst on the team here:  

Thanks so much and I hope we will continue running into eachother somewhere in cyberspace! 
Hugs!! "

I still have a few more projects to share that I made with the gorgeous September kit. We certainly go out with a bang!!



  1. Love all your work Bente!! It's sad when stores close

  2. These are just GORGEOUS!!! I love love love love that photo on your first lo!!!!!

  3. Such a beauty!!! Love every piece!!! Great work, Bente)))

  4. Wow! What fabulous creations! So creative!

  5. Such amazing work with this kit!! I know you will miss the homey atmosphere there! ~ Blessings, Tracey


  6. Your work with the Nook kits are awesome Bente.

  7. Så mye fint du har lagd her :)
    Flotte farger og detaljer.
    klem :)

  8. Oh, Bente...thank you for the comment. I can see other's styles more than my own. I see your style as layers and shabby chic...I think our work is just amazing! I have no doubt you will be picked up for another DT.

    You have created some gorgeous pieces during our short time together at the Nook. I know for me, some of the contents I would not have purchased, and they stretched my creativity. What I loved about what you did...is you made each and ever piece your own. You are so seriously creative...you always amaze me!

  9. Beautifully written Bente! and of course Leah picked you for her team. Your work is amazing!! I really hope we stay in touch cause I don't want to miss you!! Big hug!!!

  10. Wow, you really have created such a fabulous collection of layouts for your short time with The Nook, Bente. That's a bit sad that they are closing ...but I'm sure there will be other DT's that will want to snap you up in no time!

  11. I will definitely miss seeing your beautiful creations using the Nook's gorgeous kits.

  12. soooooo beautiful projects!! all of them!

  13. Oooh so many beautiful pages you have created for the Nook, you just wait and see - another DT gig will knock on your door sooner than you think! xoxo

  14. I had no idea the Nook was closing down. Seems like they have been around forever! Sorry about that. You created some lovely pieces for them!!


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