Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Narnia Mini Musical.

This post is not so very scrapbook related, although some photos will definitely be scrapped...LOL! But I wanted to include these photos for my friends and family to see some everyday life from here!

All three of our girls have a long history of singing in the church choir. It is a tradition that I am very happy about.
This time it was Beatrice's turn to be center stage. They were staging an adapted musical version of Narnia. Beatrice was given the lead part of Edmund who would become King Edmund the Just.They were doing it together with the adult choir.

For the witch they cast Gudrun, who is normally the choir-leader. She did a great interpretation as you can see from the pictures.My MIL was also attending the performance and she did not even recognize her!

All the kids loved taking part, and the fact that it was Narnia made it all even better.

For years Beatrice has been watching her older sister do solo performances etc. She has gradually become more brave and for a couple of years now she has been doing solos herself. Beatrice put on jeans and a tank top so she would not look too girlie. That was her own idea.

Beatrice as Edmund was kidnapped and gagged by the wicked witch. The girl in pink wearing a fur played Aslan the lion. Monica in the foreground made all the music and arrangements.

Towards the end of the play they were all given crowns,and that included all the kids in the audience (and even grown ups who wanted to be king...lol )

Matilda (class mate) and Beatrice outside with their crowns on!

Thanks for looking at my pictures. We had a lovely time!


  1. That looks great Bente! Can see a really whimsical page springing forth from those photos! I also like to do a non-scrappy post from time to time, just to educate the rest of the world about where we live - as I always find those types of posts so informative!

  2. I love Narnia & ur photos!! You take good photos. The lighting was awesome!! She looks so pretty in the play & am sure she had tons of fun :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Guuuuuu så GULLIGT!! Narnia is one of my all-time faves, absolutely marvellous photos and can sure see some ideas brewing for future pages! Good job Bea, takes some spunk to do solos! xxoo

  4. Pretty postings you have shared,,,,Thanks,,,Drag queen


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