Wednesday, 20 April 2011

"Webster's Pages", New collection "Trendsetter"

I love it every month when my DT kit from Erica at Your Scrapbook Stash lands in my mailbox. I cant wait to open it and see the goodies I will play with for the month!
This month I got "Fancy Pants" "It's the Little Things" that  I have already shared here on the blog, and the new "Webster's Pages" called "Trendsetter".
When I first saw Trendsetter I was a bit uneasy. I thought; What can I do with this?... I really liked the look of the papers but didn't think they fitted my style. The design is much more restrained than the normally very ornate style of WP. They have a more "modern" feel if you know what I mean,..more funky...!
Still, I would not be who I am if I were to just give up....LOL

After some time I came up with this:

I cut out different elements from the papers.
The little cage and bird was cut out and glazed for shine and dimension. I even used pop dots to make them stand out more from the background.

The little frame with 'blabla' was the same.

My daughter Beatrice, in the pictures, loves to talk to her friends on the phone. She particularily likes to use my mobile both for talking and for playing little computer games.She finds it's a good way to pass the time when we are in the car.
The black alphabet is AC Thickers and the smaller letters are from the WP Trendsetter sticker sheet.
I love the look of those 'old school' telephones.

 The black tulle flower I made from scratch using some twine. The green flower is from Prima Marketing.

I still have a lot more "Trendsetter" to use and now I am looking forward to it!!
Thanks for visiting!


  1. Очень красиво!!!Девочка само очарование!!!!

  2. this is cool girls and phone´s lovely page!!

  3. You did just great, Bente, even if the pps weren't your style! Sweet page.

  4. How lucky to receive a package like that, stunning layout and love all the elements, Happy Easter to you and your family Bente.

  5. Hi Bente!! This is stunning!! Yeah WP's Trendsetter is not easy for me either =) But you did well, my friend!! Beautiful!! I love that you place the phones at the bottom of the page :)

  6. beautiful page, and beautiful girl :) what is it with girls and phones LOL

  7. Such a pretty layout!! Love how everything went so well & totally love the punched layering u did there :)

  8. What a pretty the various paper elements..your daughter reminds me of my son, always a gadget in his hand!!

  9. Great job you did with Trendsetter Bente! I also got a bit from YSS & it just arrived a few days ago...I agree it is less ornate than the usual WP so was the one that appealed to me the most out of their most recent CHA offerings. Your daughters are all exceptionally beautiful!!

  10. Lovely page and lovely girl!!! my son is talking by cell phone all day...Hum! well, teenagers!!!
    Take Care!!! Hugs!!! :)

  11. Boy oh boy, Bea looks so GROWN UP in these pics! You just work miracles with any papers you lay your hands on, this looks totally fab too of course! hur var det nu, badar du dina papper som Nabon för att få till den knöliga strukturen? Det blev inget Provence över påsk har jag listat ut, fick familjen se annat än mammas rygg under helgen?! ;))


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