Sunday 13 November 2011

Some new photos and a fun questionnaire for Beatrice @11 years of age.

I am so being lousy at blogging lately.
I will say it again,.. I do not know where time goes,...anybody else know...?

Last week was the 11th birthday of Beatrice, my youngest daughter.
She had been looking forward to it for weeks. 
She had a long wishlist but most of the things we could tick of were really sensible stuff.

This is a shot of her wearing a cat hat that she got from Victoria her sister. Cute hat!
Cute 11year-old!

She wanted to go on a trip,so the two of us went to Stockholm.
She wanted a laptop,but we told her that would be too expensive. Then we decided that now that my PC is on the mend again and all the others have laptops already she can have the *family laptop* as her own.
One happy camper there,..-and that was even before she started opening her 'real' presents.

She was so excited to receive two parcels in the mail from big sis Alexandra over at Warwick,and Victoria really spoiled her with filling up almost almost half the dinner table with all her gifts.
We had the family over for dinner and cake. All in all I think/know she had a good day!!

Of course her best gift ever was little Lady, the kitten she got on her birthday last year.

This is a shot of her wearing a cat hat that she got from Victoria her sister. Cute hat!
Cute 11year-old!

Then one of my sweet girls with their morning faces.

This was her look when she opened the first of Alexandras presents.

We have a soft spot for Doctor Who in our family, and this little girl is no exception!

OK so these were just a few photos from the morning.

I found this questionnaire on Lisa McGarveys blog and thought it would be fun to see 
Beatrice's responses.

If she were a month, she'd be August,because it's warm and summery.

If she were a day of the week, she'd be Wednesday because she has so many great activities then. 

If she were a time of day, she'd be morning because she loves to get up early.

If she were a planet, she'd be Mars because she loves marzipan ( :-D....!) 

If she were a sea animal, she'd be a gold fish because they are so sweet.

If she were a direction, she'd be South because we live in the south of Sweden.

If she were a piece of furniture, she'd be a sofa because she likes to be lazy.

If she were a gemstone, she'd be a diamond because they are so special.

If she were a tree, she'd be our small apple tree with the best apples.

If she were a tool, she'd be a SONIC SCREWDRIVER (from Doctor Who...tihi..)

If she were a kind of weather, she'd be sunny so it's nice to go outside.

If she were a musical instrument, she'd be violin.

If she were a color, she'd be purple, because she just loves it!!

If she were an emotion, she'd be happy.

If she were a fruit, she'd be an orange. 

If she were a sound, she'd be an old fashioned train whistle.

If she were a car, she'd be an old Volvo PV

If she were a food, she'd be stuffed filet of chicken like Alexandra makes it.

If she were a place, she'd be London. Just so so COOL!

If she were a body part, she'd be the heart!

If she were a song,she'd be 'Tänd ett ljus för livet' 
(Normally she does a solo in the church, special song for St Lucia celebration  here)

I realize this may be a post most interesting for friends and family, 
but  you could use the questionnaire to find out silly stuff about your child,too.

I will be back later today to share a project ,too, I just needed some more light to photograph it.
In the afternoon we have another family birthdayparty to go to.

Bye for now!!



  1. Happy birthday to your "little" girl. Thank you for sharing this questionaire...some of the questions and answers would make for lovely page titles.

  2. Congrats Beatrice with 11 birthday cool presents you have received..

  3. Happy 11th birthday Beatrice!! Lucky girl got spoiled. Oh well..11 year old girls should be spoiled. SO lovely learning more about your family Bente. Missing your posts dear friend. Oh and the Q&A ...awesome idea. Have a great week.

  4. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl! I loveeeeeeee the photos and the questions she answered! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Happy Birthday to Beatrice!! Lovely girls!!! love the questionnaire and the pics!! A lot of blessings!!!! :)

  6. Was smiling widely when I read the questionnaire, she sure is a diamond glittering in an apple tree soaking in the sunshine in the early morning!! Bea is one of the happiest little girls that I've ever me, a ray of sunshine anywhere! Happy Happy Birthday to my special little friend!! xoxoxox


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