Thursday, 1 December 2011

Time for a new challenge at OUAS!!!

What do you think?....-Don't you just love this sketch...?
I think it is supernice, and although it is not my fortnight to contribute to the blog I think I
shall have to give it a go .

December 1st Challenge

Journalling Criteria/theme: The thing I look most forward to in December.

Write at least 2 sentences on what you look forward to in the next month. December is a festive month so your journalling could be about the Christmas season, the holidays, the presents or if you do not celebrate Christmas what does December bring for you that you look most forward to? Note:You layout DOES NOT have to be about Christmas! It can be about anything December brings.

Other ideas for journalling: an annual holiday or celebration, a specific event such as putting up the Christmas tree or pre Christmas traditions you might have leading up to Christmas, family time, snow covered fields or warmer weather, time off work, school holidays, change of weather, new season fruit.

We have  Ivana Camdzic as a sponsor guest and Rachael Funnell as the winner of GDT position this time, They do beautiful work as does the team!

Hope you can find some time to join in the fun!

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