Thursday, 2 January 2014

Inkido blog hop!!


Hi there and welcome to our first bloghop of the 2014 Inkido design team.
We are hopping not just because it's fun but also so we can all get to know eachother a little better.
First of all I have a photo with all the pretty faces on the team. And as you can see there are quite a few of us!

You should have arrived here from from the lovely Anita Nosova's blog

Our bloghop will take place from January 2nd until  January 4rd.
I am ecxcited to tell you about the great prizes we have for three lucky participants.

We have a full new collection, (so new we cannot share a picture of it yet!...), 
we have a set for vintage cardmakers 

....and last but not least we have a suprise!!
You can pick 12 papers from any collectionbut the latest (which is another prize).

We ask our participants to look for secret words inside out hop posts. Not every designer's post will have one. With all the words you find you will make a sentence. Do not write it in the comments section because then we loose some of the fun. Please write an email to:

We would also like you to leave a comment on the different blogposts and hopefully you would like to become folloowers of our blogs as well!
My secret word will be at the bottom of this post. 

Three things you did not know about me,...or maybe you did LOL!

1.I was actually born in Norway but have lived more than half my life in Sweden.
I still feel very Norwegian though and have a lot of family left there.
2. I am crazy about watching sports. I love all the Nordic wintersports and am planning 
to spend February on the couch in front of the telly watching the Sotchi olympics.
3. I love the arts and enjoy  musicals and the opera. Last year I was able to go see 
Placido Domingo even though it cost me an arm and a leg,...LOL!

Another thing I can tell you is that my scrapspace is a total mess right now. At the moment I can hardly find enough space even for a 12x12 paper,....I know what I'll be doing tomorrow LOL!!
Just look at my table!!

Here is the whole hopping order for the Inkido team:

Bente Fagerberg ------You are here 
Don't forget to send an email with the secret sentence.
Your next stop on the hop is the delightful Cathrine.


  1. It’s very interesting blog-hop! Nice to meet you!

  2. Godt Nytt År ! :)
    Veldig hyggelig å lese litt om deg...og jeg visste det ikke fra før :)
    Kos deg med vinter-OL :)

  3. I love your mess, it's the same at my desk at the moment

  4. He he your temporary mess is my normal ... Yup! I did know most of it but not that you had actually been to the Placido Domingo concert! that's really something! xx

  5. lovely blog hop, it is funny to know you better :)
    I love that cart from Ikea, I will buy it for my craft room :)

  6. it so fun! Love your style Bente and mess too ^)

  7. We all end up with a mess like that ever so often. Wishing you a wonderful 2014 Bente.

  8. Hi, Bente!!! My dream is to travel to Norway... I really love your country!!! I'm very happy to have a new DT friend so talented and so sweet as you are!!! Have a wonderful New Year... full of love and health!!!

  9. I love when I see other's messy scrap spaces-I don't feel so alone :)

  10. What a nice place you have to create! I also had no idea about so many things about you :)

  11. Happy New Year Bente!! Giggle, that is what my space normally looks like, but the photo I have is an older one, before I got so obsessed, now it is a cyclone ;) Love musicals and operas as well~so I am super jealous that you have seen Placido Domingo

  12. Happy New Year Bente! I love your place of work :)

  13. The total mess means great inspiration :) Greets, Magda

  14. It is so nice to see another desk that looks like mine! I can't wait to see the new line! Happy New Year and thank-you for playing along! All the best!

  15. So glad you will be on the team again, Bente! And loved learning more about you and seeing your space. Best wishes to you and your family in 2014!

  16. Wonderful to see a bit of your scraporganisation. Mine is pretty much the same at the time. Hopefully a bit better this year :)

  17. Wow,your scrap room looks like mine dose lol,thanks for sharing your projects so beautiful and thanks for the chance to win,happy new year .

  18. I just love your scrap space; How can one be creative with a tidy all in order scrap desk.x

  19. Hello my friend good to know my scrap space is the same as yours lol!!! great to be working with you ...xo

  20. Happy new year! Thank you for an interesting journey!

  21. Hej! Ser fram emot att följa din blogg

  22. Bente, that is not a mess. Trust me. I am so jealous you got to hear Placido - good for you. Some experiences are worth the arm and leg:-)

  23. I hate to say this but my workspace is worse,

  24. Your craft organizer is super cute!! And I love crafting facing the window view. Glad to be on the same team with you again, Bente! Hope you have a fabulous year this year! :)


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