Monday, 10 January 2011

New palette at TCR and Top 3 at Two Peas .

This weeks palette at TCR is a challenge indeed! This month the sponsor is Shimmerz. I do not have anything in my stash that is remotely close to the colours. As you may have noticed I tend to go more for the pastels and brights.
That said the palette makes for beautiful creations. You can check out the Gallery to see beautiful work from the members.
I will see what I can do. But I only have until Thursday night.

Second part of this post consists of a little braggin'...

I was adding some los to my Two Peas Gallery (older and newer).
My Hot Chocolate lo made it all the way to Top 3 both bookmarked and liked. During the evening it was even number four most viewed. Not a very big huge thing, but I was pleased. From my very first tiny scrap-steps I have enjoyed watching the Top 3 first thing upon entering Two Peas Territory.
As goes for the lo it is definitely not my favourite. But that just goes to show that we are all different with different tastes!

I hope you shall all have a lovely day. i am now officially off to work!!



  1. Hej Tack för titten hos mig =)
    Här fanns oxå massa kuil att titta på, grattis till topp tre på twopeas!!
    Fjärilsramarna är från tattered angels.. Har köpt dom i usa, kan hända att scraplagret har dom inne vet att dom har haft dom förr!

  2. Ooh Congrats on the twopeas LO. So awesome. So excited to be working with ya as well.

  3. Hi Bente!! Happy New Year!! I come here from Your Scrapbook Stash...Congratulation on DT!!!Weepee!! and Congrats on the two peas LO!!!I'm so happy to be here in your blog and see all your BEAUTIFUL work!
    I'm a new follower now!! A big hug my friend!!
    Take Care!!


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